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Untitled Document One Two Three 1961 Love in Germany 1983 Philadelphia Story 1940 Heathers 1989 AboutSchmidt 2002 Sixth Sense 1999


3 easy steps to upload your word or quote list and use it in a Gadget,

1- Name your list 2- Enter word list 3- Choose a theme


1- Enter a Name for your list, min 4 letters, only [A-Z a-z 0-9 _ -]

Word/quote list example: list items seperated by semicolon.

Seperate quote/definition with hyphens, all text to the right of hyphen is displayed in regular font (Olphas font - Regular font).

3- Select a Theme:

To use gadget, copy code and paste it on your site. Or simply add it to your igoogle page by clicking + Google lower left corner.

Once on your igoogle page, select control button of gadget top right corner and reenter your new list name you just created. More lists are found here.

We reserve the right to delete any submitted list without prior notice.